The Free Exchange (15-002)

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Why Rand Paul (and Others) are Wrong about Pot

Brian writes:

The 2011 emergency room visit report of marijuana next to heroin is alarming, but to me I feel that this report could be skewed because if you’re dead [heroin overdose]… you don’t need an ER visit. Also, “new research indicates” is a phrase that I believe we’re all a little tired of hearing. It’s old news that pot is bad for your lungs, bad for your brain, bad for safety, and thus bad for society. We don’t need another legalized vice and we still have all these unregulated synthetics to worry about. Look out America PALCOHOL is coming soon! Round up the BAN WAGON!

Seriously though, making a drug like marijuana just makes it more available, more acceptable, and more obtainable for every audience we want nowhere near it.

J. Hunter

Thank you for reading and commenting, Brian.

You’re right to note that the heroin overdose numbers could speak to heroin’s lethality over marijuana’s. That said, I think that the great difference between the numbers may diminish that argument a bit, as it probably can’t be contributed to that fact alone. Not to mention, if you look at the graph (USA Today is known for its graphs and charts), you’ll see that cocaine ER visits dwarf both marijuana and heroin.

Of course, I agree with you that we want to shrink marijuana’s access rather than enlarge it, and that’s the point entirely.

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