Support Black and Red in 3 Easy Steps

3 Ways to Support Black and Red

It’s great to be back writing Black and Red. If you like what you see here so far, please consider supporting Black and Red in these 3 easy ways.

One: Facebook
The Black and Red Facebook page is finally up, but it’s relatively bare. I’m completely new to Facebook, so if you have any suggestions, I’d be glad to hear them and put them to use. Right now on the Facebook page, I’m creating logos for the burgeoning podcast and plan to post some interesting videos and give you an under the hood look at the blog. Input is always appreciated.

Two: Twitter
You can also support Black and Red by following me on Twitter. Retweet articles to your followers and help more people get involved in the site. In the past, I’ve live tweeted debates, important speeches and other political events. I plan to do so with upcoming important events as well.

Three: Email
A third way to support Black and Red is to email articles to your friends and associates. If you think they’ll nod or grind their teeth, another perspective never hurt anyone. You can sign up to have new Black and Red posts sent to your email as soon as they’re published.

Finally, I always appreciate reading your comments–good or bad, but preferably clean.

A Quick Word about the Black and Red Podcast

The Black and Red podcast is in its beginning stages. I’m lining up interviews on a wide variety of topics, and am hoping to get something going soon. It all really depends on who is willing to be interviewed on some fun, but some very serious topics. Keep your fingers crossed and I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for spreading the word about Black and Red.