The Liberal Creed (a bit of satire)

The Church of Liberalism Gathers to Recite the Creed…

We believe in one candidate, the wife of Bill, creator of the Russian Reset Button, and in all accomplishments and emails mostly invisible. And in one Party, the Democratic Party, begotten of The Age of Reason and Postmodernism. Hypocrite of Hypocrites. Divider of Dividers. Demagogues of Demagogues. Made, not begotten, being of one substance with Nihilism and Collectivism, through which ideas millions have suffered. Who for us men and for our detriment sowed the seeds of racial animus, pitted economic class against economic class, undermined religious exercise, raised taxes, ruined healthcare and weakened our military. In the second term, they traded Bowe Bergdahl for terrorists, in accordance with their twisted worldview, and lost the Senate. In 2016 they want to return to the White House so that their misrule may have no end.

And we believe in the liberal media, the attack dog for the Democrat Party, who proceeds to interject on behalf of candidates in debates, and reserves the toughest challenges for Republicans. Who together with the liberal university worship and glorify liberal politicians. Who speak from both sides of their mouth.

And we believe in one uncontested primary and the coronation of Hillary Clinton. We acknowledge one stale candidate from the past to take us into the future, and look for the resurrection of failed policies, and the further socialization of America to come.

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