The Free Exchange (15–007)

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The Liberal Creed (a bit of satire)

Bill “the unfettered preacher” cote writes:

Too true to be funny.

J Hunter:

Thank you, sir. Thank you for liking this post as well.

A Letter to Ms. Julia Cohen

Julia Cohen writes:

Woah, that is a big picture of my face. But thank you so much for my reply! It means a lot to me that people are reading and responding intelligently to my articles.

I totally agree with that Bismark quote. Obviously I know that we are too far into the two-party system to change it, but I just thought the questions had to be raised. I probably will end up going the route you go, but I saw my piece as more of an invitation to start questioning how our two-party system works and how it can change.

Thank you so much again, and go ‘cats!

J Hunter:

Thank you for commenting, Julia, and for the kind words. Your piece succeeds in raising interesting questions about our two party system. I argue, though, that our system is great, not because of tradition (we’re too far in), but because it is the best way to support a conglomeration of competing interests and beliefs.

I’m glad you’re choosing to join one of the two parties, and I’m very happy that you lean nearer the Republican Party. There are a lot of exciting things happening on the right. It’s good to have you along.

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One thought on “The Free Exchange (15–007)”

  1. Free Exchange Continuing Comments on Illegal Immigration (4-22-15)

    Thank you for your answer to my comments on your original article on illegal immigration. I realize that our dialogue here about where our position on this issue falls on the left-right spectrum is more intellectual/theoretical than practical. But I find it interesting to know where we stand in the big picture.

    I love your response regarding how our position falls squarely within the modern day Republican stance in terms of a respect for the law and a concern for others. I think it also falls in line with the general conservative trait of us using our mind and asking “What happens next?” and keeping some kind of standard; while on the liberal side of this issue, they don’t ask such a question and base their position on pure emotion without any kind of standard. We conservatives ask, “Well, what happens if an unlimited number of illegal immigrants keep crossing the border into our nation? How long can we sustain this?” The leftists don’t ask such a question.

    In terms of your second part of your answer about how our position is not a left-right position, I’m not so sure about that. You’re right in terms of where our rights come from. But as you suggested, this isn’t a rights issue. What do you think of this: nationalism. As you know, the right believes in nationalism and as many non-dictatorship countries existing as possible. That’s why I would like to see the Kurds get their own nation and I am happy to see all the former Soviet satellite countries get their own nation. However on the left, they want to create a “one world” without nations. Equal outcome for all people in the world without borders; the more homogeny, the better.

    This is opposite to the Biblical belief of God telling people to spread out with different languages and cultures around the Tower of Babel times. As Prager pointed out, the Bible is big on separation: between cultures and countries, between men and women, and between right and wrong. Leftism wants to merge all of those together and create this one uniform, same, equal-in-every-sense world. I think this is where their stance on illegal immigration comes from combined with their first stage thinking powered only by emotion/compassion without reason or responsibility.

    In that sense, I think our stance falls squarely within the conservative spectrum. In my opinion: those who disagree with us on the conservative side are those who have fallen into the leftist trap of letting their emotions power their conservative position. And so they demonize the illegal immigrants and consider it a moral wrong and deport everyone. What do you think? Any thoughts are welcome of course. Thanks and I continue to cherish your articles and our dialogue.


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