The Free Exchange (15-011)

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The Redistribution Reality

Black and Red Fan writes:


This is great news! Prager once said that the more people truly examine, engage, think about, and discuss a topic closely, they tend to overwhelmingly come out on the conservative side. This is why shows like Prager and your blogs are so important; they explains logically and plainly the issues which usually lead to the conservative side. Margaret Thatcher was right when she said that facts and the reality of life are conservative.


The liberal desire for income/wealth redistribution is so strange when you think about it. I think the bottom line is that they must either not understand or not care about how wealth is produced. They must think or presume that everyone who has a higher income must have got it by inheritance or by cheating or stealing. They must also think that those who don’t work as hard or have lesser skills or have lesser career drive should still get the same wealth without having earned it. I just don’t understand this line of thinking. I guess it must be the emotion of envy or wanting a certain outcome? Bernie Sanders the socialist comes to mind. That guy is a bullying and dishonest man in his arguments and position.


As I said, this essay and the two articles your quote do give me hope. This is what gives me encouragement that despite all the indoctrination of the universities, Hollywood, and the press: the facts of life and its realities will show the people the truth about conservative positions. This is why you and your voice is so important. (and mine too I guess) I have been trying to do my part here in one of the bluest states in the country. And even the hardcore liberals here do see what I mean when I have those discussions with them. I do believe that I am planting those seeds of truth that we talked about. And so reading this is a great bit of encouragement and we will continue to fight on to preserve this great country. Thanks for this essay.


J Hunter:

Thank you for commenting, and for the kind words.


I agree that the Left doesn’t understand how wealth is created. President Obama’s “You didn’t build that” comment exemplifies the liberal view of the relationship between public and private ventures: Yes, it is true that tax money builds roads that help deliver goods to market, but businesses must exist in order to create the tax money in the first place.


Nowhere is this clearer than in Detroit, where people and businesses have left the city and the government cannot afford to pay for the infrastructure that once served the millions who used to live in the city. If government created wealth, then Detroit wouldn’t be where it is right now.


I think that liberals are motivated by wishful thinking. They see the kinds of services that smaller, poorer nations provide for their citizens, and are upset that America doesn’t too. In their minds, these services, not differences in culture or circumstances, are what make the more liberal countries more successful at tackling certain issues that “plague” the U.S. Therefore, the cost to implement these programs hardly matters–the program will ameliorate American life and the high cost will be offset by these improvements.


Of course, the Left is wrong precisely because they do not understand (or accept) cultural or circumstantial differences between the U.S. and other nations–namely the emphasis Americans place on self-reliance.


I hope we don’t lose that trait anytime soon.

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