Visit My Friends Online

Visit My Friends Online

The Black Conservative: This center-right blog features insightful opinions from across the world. A wellspring of diverse and eclectic opinion, I am proud to recommend it. Follow on Twitter @blackrepublican.

Mustard Seeds: This site clarifies life, politics, and the news media from a Christian, Conservative vantage point. Especially for people new to politics, Mustard Seeds presents information in a respectful, organized and accessible way. I highly recommend Mustard Seeds.

Pastor James Kellerman’s Musings: Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection for the forgiveness of sins makes a regular appearance on this site. Reverend Dr. James Kellerman posts his sermons and thoughts on the intersection between theology and culture. No politics. No pop culture. Just orthodox Lutheran Christian theology explored here. Read this site regularly. You’ll be better for it.

Hip Hop Republican: Is a Manhattan-based free-market urban blog that offers general news, original content and covers politics, music, and science.  The popular site has been featured in The New York Times,  NPR,  and CNN.  Beginning in 2015, you may also find some of my articles featured here as well.

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